What Lies ‘should be on shelves in every library’

National Lawyers Guild cover“Despite the venom and at least attempted overt censorship directed at his work in Miami—which may be inconsequential compared to the ‘benign neglect’ so far shown by most national media in the U.S.—it is clear that Kimber did not drink anybody’s Kool-Aid. He has however, spent three years doing the most exhaustive research and writing project to date on this case, and his conclusions seem both well reasoned and convincing. This is a very readable, fact-filled story of intrigue.

What Lies Across the Water deserves to be widely read. It should be on the shelves in every library. It is a detailed revelation of how distorted the U.S. justice system can become when extreme ideological battles influence deci- sions such as whom to arrest, ignore, or warn, and what sentences to impose.”

Art Heitzer
National Lawyers  Guild Review

You can read the complete Art Heitzer review here. And buy the book here.

Art Heitzer chairs the National Lawyers Guild’s Cuba Subcommitte. He practices law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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