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An excerpt from Bitcoin Widow: Love, Betrayal and the Missing Millions By Jennifer Robertson with Stephen Kimber Where’s the money? … The hot wallets? … Gerry’s safe? … Did he have a safe? … Did you get the e-mail he promised? … Who’s his lawyer? You need to contact his lawyer … Where’s the money? … We […]

Perhaps the best way to understand the vital personal role Alexa McDonough — the first woman leader of a recognized political party in Canada — played in changing Nova Scotia and Canadian politics for the better is to remember those days in the early 1980s when she was the only New Democrat, the only woman, […]

There were many moments in her long political career when Alexa McDonough believed the NDP was finally on the cusp of an electoral breakthrough — none as exhilarating but none as ultimately devastating as the 1988 Nova Scotia general election. Alexa McDonough, the former leader of the Nova Scotia and federal New Democratic Parties died […]

In the month since the Omicron variant was confirmed in Nova Scotia, we’ve gone from 20 cases in a day to over 1,000. Time to take a moment to think about those trying to make sense of it all and make the best decisions for all of us. On Wednesday, November 24, 2021 — just […]

Who will save journalism? It won’t be the government? And it won’t be the online platforms that undermined it in the first place. Which brings it back to… “Right now, the industry exists in a limbo where many of the old models are dying before the new ones have become profitable. It’s not clear whose […]

Tim Houston campaigned on his promise to fix everything that ails our healthcare system. He won. He has put his own people in charge. Now he has to deliver. The good news is that 4,369 Nova Scotians found a primary care provider last month. The bad news is that 5,511 other Nova Scotians added their […]

The inquiry looking into the 2017 murder-suicide of the Desmond family has been examining the roles played by PTSD and domestic violence in those horrific events. Last week, the inquiry heard from a panel of experts about the impact of systemic racism. In the early evening hours of January 3, 2017, in remote Upper Big […]

How a “ballsy little bugger” with no post-secondary training transformed herself into an international retail-reno maven—and Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2019 CEO of the Year Let’s start with Five Moments from the extraordinary, label-defying life and times of Mandy Rennehan. She, of course, is the entrepreneur-founder and CEO of Freshco, the Nova Scotia-conceived, privately-owned retail maintenance, […]

The moment to write the end of this endless story has finally arrived. It is July 25, 2018, a stifling, sweltering summer morning in Halifax. Outside, the city is suffering through a province-wide Environment Canada heat warning. By mid-day, humidex values are predicted to soar past 36 degrees. Inside, however, the heat—and the suffering—are of […]

You know the one. “Nasdaq Buying Newfoundland Online Security Company in $2.75 Billion U.S. Deal,” trumpeted the headline above a CBC.ca news story on November 19, 2020. (Yes, Virginia we are talking billion with a capital B, and the dollars are very much American.) “Largest Ever Canadian Venture Deal,” chimed in the Globe and Mail. “Verafin […]