What Lies Across the Water

Stephen Kimber’s ninth book is a narrative nonfiction thriller about terrorists who blow up airplanes and try to overthrow governments, and intelligence agents who try to stop them. The twist is that these terrorists are not Muslim. They’re Cuban exiles. And the men trying to stop them? Cuban intelligence agents.

The Cuban Five were dispatched to Florida in the early 1990s to infiltrate militant anti-Castro exile groups hatching terrorist attacks against their country. In 1998, after the Cubans had passed on to the U.S. government information their agents had uncovered about a plot to blow up an airplane filled with Cuban beach-bound tourists, the FBI arrested … not the terrorists plotting the attack but the agents trying to stop it!

It reads like fiction. But it’s true.

 Long-listed for the
2013 Libris Canada’s Best Book of Nonfiction Award


Winner of the 
Evelyn Richardson Award for Nonfiction
2013 East Coast Literary Awards


Winner of the

Reader’s Choice Award (Spanish edition)
from the Cuban Institute for the Book
2016 Top 10 Bestselling books in Cuba


What Lies Across the Water is…

an important and riveting book.”(Atlantic Books Today)

 “a remarkable event.” (Counterpunch)

Kimber does a masterful job of showcasing his abundant talents as an investigative journalist and popular writer.” (Media Co-op)

“… draws the reader into the tangled layers of terrorism and murder, espionage and deception, propaganda and myths, life sentences and impunity, meanness and hatred, love and sacrifice, romance and solitude, patriotism and delusion, good intentions and bad, and lies, lies, and more lies.” (Havana Times)

If you want to know how [the case of the Cuban Five] fits into the history of relations between Cuba and the United States, you must read this book.” (Arturo Lopez-Levy)