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As the first female leader of a mainstream Canadian political party, she helped transform Nova Scotia and Canadian politics. In the process, she transcended party affiliation and gender to become simply “Alexa” to Canadians across the country.

“It’s everything I hoped for — a portrait of one of our great political leaders, written by one of our best writers.”

The Phelan Feud

The Bitter Struggle for Control of a Great Canadian Food Empire Award-Wining Journalist Stephen Kimber’s The Phelan Feud Delivers A Distinctly Canadian Succession War May 6, 2024 – TORONTO – Most Canadians have consumed a meal from the kitchens of Cara Operations over its century-plus mission of catering to hungry people on the go. Cara […]

Bitcoin Widow: Love, Betrayal and the Missing Millions

She met the man of her dreams and suddenly had it all. Then, in one fateful night, she lost everything, and the nightmare began...

The Sweetness in the Lime - Stephen Kimber

The Sweetness in the Lime

“Part love story, party mystery,” The Sweetness in the Lime is a “quietly powerful novel” that asks the question: What is Love?

When Eli, a resolutely single, fifty-something Canadian newspaper copy editor, meets Mariela, a thirty-something off-the-books Cuban tour guide, he isn’t looking for love. He isn’t even sure what love is. And yet love finds him. But does it find Mariela?

Mariela has secrets. So does Eli. Neither is ready to share those secrets until they have no choice.

“Vividly drawn, intriguing, lyrical, funny and always entertaining.”

About What Lies Across The Water

What Lies Across the Water is a narrative nonfiction thriller. About terrorists who blow up airplanes and try to overthrow governments. About intelligence agents who try to stop them. The twist is that these terrorists are not Muslim. They’re Cuban exiles. And the men trying to stop them? Cuban intelligence agents.

Flight 111

The crash of Swissair Flight 111 in 1998 remains one of the largest aviation accidents ever recorded. Award-winning writer Stephen Kimber tells the dramatic human story of September 2, 1998, disaster off Nova Scotia, what led up to it and its aftermath.

Marlborough Woods

On the night of December 1, 1943, Frank Johnson, a Commander in the Royal Navy, returned to his Halifax home after an urgent train trip to New York to see his wife in hospital after a car accident. Johnson spent the the night burning documents in his fireplace. After that… well, that's when things got interesting.

Sailors, Slackers...

This is the untold story of why Halifax's infamous VE day riots really happened: how over-crowding, privation, petty paternalism and the inevitable tensions of a city at war transformed a sleepy east coast Nova Scotia port city into a powder keg waiting for a spark.


Reparations is a page-turning legal thriller, a sophisticated tale fueled by power, sex, the politics of race, and an impassioned quest for justice. This is a novel that pulls no punches and effectively weaves a tale with not only a crime at its core, but also a clever and fluid history of Africville, Nova Scotia, and the expropriation of African-Nova Scotian's waterfront land.

Halifax: Warden of the North (Updated Edition)

First published in 1948, Halifax: Warden of the North has remained the best-known and most influential chronicle of Halifax’s birth and evolution since it first hit the shelves. In this updated version of the Governor General’s Award–winning history of Halifax, celebrated journalist Stephen Kimber picks up where Thomas Raddall left off.

Loyalists and Layabouts

On the rocky shores of Roseway Bay on the south coast of Nova Scotia, beside one of the best harbours in the world, in the year of 1783, this hardy band of British loyalists would found a new and better New York City. It would be cosmopolitan, but more refined, more royal, more loyal and certainly more exclusive than the place they were leaving forever. At first, all seemed to go according to the dream...

Aphrodisiac: Sex, politics, power and Gerald Regan

“Members of the jury, have you agreed upon your verdicts?” The court clerk asked her rote question with a wavering, tell-me-don’t-tell-me tone that seemed to capture perfectly the nervous, nerve-wracked mood among the more than three dozen men and women sitting in the Halifax Law Court’s Courtroom 3-1 on the blustery afternoon of December 18, 1998..."

IWK: A Century of Caring

In IWK: A Century of Caring for Families, acclaimed journalist and author Stephen Kimber relates the fascinating history of family health care in Atlantic Canada.

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