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“I hope one day you will be able to update the story with the happy ending that many justice-seeking people around the world are still working for.” — Gerardo Hernándezin a 2013 letter to the author This is the Epilogue to What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five by Stephen Kimber. The Epilogue will […]

Tim Houston’s in-house committee to review our outdated freedom of information legislation refuses to even meet with an outside expert group suggesting improvements. Accountability? Don’t count on it. Let us begin with a return to a Better Ghost of Christmas Premiers Past — to wit, Timothy Jerome Houston, Progressive Conservative Premier in Eager Anticipation, circa […]

Acting Police Chief Don MacLean wants more money for more cops to handle those requiring involuntary psychiatric treatment. Except that’s not quite true. He just wants more front-line cops. Who will care for those in mental health crisis? And who will pay for it? “To be clear,” Acting Halifax Police Chief Don MacLean said, being […]

It should have been — it was — good news. Excellent news, in fact.  Mainland Nova Scotia’s Elizabeth Fry Society — “a non-profit, charitable organization devoted to improving the lives of marginalized groups of identified women, girls, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals who have been let down by broken systems that perpetuate inequality” — had just […]

A Nova Scotia Power truck parked on Woodlawn Road in Dartmouth after Fiona, on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022. Let’s start with this news item from October 31, 2023: Nova Scotia Power asked regulators for permission to collect $24.6 million in Fiona-related operating costs — like meals, travel and overtime — from ratepayers over an unspecified period of […]

I’ve been writing for the Halifax Examiner since November 2016, mostly weekly columns and a few occasional features. But I’ve also been a subscriber and faithful reader since Tim Bousquet officially launched the publication in June 2014, nearly 10(!) years ago. From the beginning, Tim’s self-declared and almost singular mission/mantra was to create “an independent, […]

On Wednesday, November 1, CBC Radio Information Morning host Portia Clark interviewed representatives of two environmental groups that have banded together to try to convince the Houston government to amend and strengthen the Provincial Parks Act. Nature Nova Scotia and the Ecology Action Centre want the government to close loopholes and short-circuit future development proposals […]

Nicole Gnazdowsky is frustrated. She has every reason to be. Three years after the fact, she is still waiting for answers about why her brother died in a workplace accident. Despite her best, exhaustive, exhausting efforts — which finally did lead to the courtroom this fall — she’s still not sure she’ll ever get the […]

Let’s begin with our question of the day. Do we really need a Law Amendments Committee? After Public Bills have received second reading in the House, the Standing Committee on Law Amendments gives them clause-by-clause consideration and hears representations from any interested persons or organizations. That’s the official logical rationale for a committee that has […]

PHOTO: Anas Alsharif, courtesy of Atlantic Palestinian Society. Consider the boy in the rubble. There can be no excuse, of course. In the early morning of Saturday, October 6, 2023, well-organized Hamas militants stormed from Gaza into Israel by land, sea and air, indiscriminately murdering more than 1,300 men, women and children, most of them […]