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Review of What Lies Across the Water in Science & Society By Helen Yaffe (University College London), Science & Society In 2009 Stephen Kimber was in Havana researching for a love story he planed to write when, he explains, he “got sideswiped by the truth-is-stranger-but-way-more-interesting story of the Cuban Five” (1). Thanks to serendipity, Kimber […]

“Despite the venom and at least attempted overt censorship directed at his work in Miami—which may be inconsequential compared to the ‘benign neglect’ so far shown by most national media in the U.S.—it is clear that Kimber did not drink anybody’s Kool-Aid. He has however, spent three years doing the most exhaustive research and writing […]

The following is a translation by Cuba News’s Walter Lippman of a story that first appeared in Spanish in cubadebate on August 2, 2013. The article was written by Ricardo Alarcón, the former President of the Cuban National Assembly. A STORY THAT NEEDED TO BE TOLD Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada August 2, 2013 A CubaNews translation. […]

“The author’s clear, flowing, and often seat-gripping, even entertaining, narrative is an added plus. The book is highly recommended…” Stephen Kimber’s “What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five” by W. T. WHITNEY Publication of What Lies Across the Water, Stephen Kimber’s book about Cuban anti-terrorists serving wildly extravagant terms in U.S. […]

From a review of What Lies Across The Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five in the Havana Times by Dawn Gable HAVANA TIMES — The endnotes of What Lies Across the Water* opens with: “The truth is — everybody lies.” But I believe author Stephen Kimber when he says that as part of […]