Much truth in "The Truth…"

Our All The President’s Men

Part page-turning thriller, part indictment of contemporary pack journalism, part thoughtful meditation on the human cost of the passion for truth, Journalist Harvey Cashore’s The Truth Shows Up: A Reporter’s Fifteen-Year Odyssey Tracking Down the Truth About Mulroney, Schreiber and the Airbus Scandal is essential (and entertaining) reading for anyone who wants to understand not only the shocking and still under-reported details of the biggest Canadian political scandal of the twentieth century but also the painful truth about how badly our political system too often really works.

The book is full of larger-than-life characters—from the wily, always-looking-out-for-number-one Karlheinz Schreiber, to the bullying, always-looking-out-for-his boss Luc Lavoie, to the mysterious but plugged-in insider “Tower,” who knows the Airbus deal doesn’t pass “the smell test” and points Cashore in directions that will ultimately help him prove it.

But it is Cashore himself—and his often frustrating, career-making-and-breaking, personally-costly 15-year-odyssey to discover the Truth—who is the real central figure in this compelling drama.

If “Tower” is Canada’s “Deep Throat,” then Harvey Cashore is our Woodward and Bernstein. And The Truth Shows Up is our All The President’s Men.

High praise indeed—but deserved.

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