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On January 1, 1992, Andrea Lynn King, an 18-year-old woman from British Columbia flew to Halifax to begin a travel-work adventure… She phoned her sister from the airport to say she’d landed and would be staying the night at a downtown hostel. She would call the next day, she said, with her new address so […]

Tom Martin had it wrong, Halifax Police Chief Frank Beazley told CBC Radio’s Information Morning on December 1. In my story for The Coast (November 19, 2009) on the city’s striking number of unsolved homicides, I’d quoted Martin, a respected retired homicide detective as saying: “To my knowledge, the cold case unit has not laid […]

 Quick now. Can you name the chair of HRM’s Board of Police Commissioners?…. No? OK… Can you at least tell me what the board does?… Did you even know we had police commissioners? Perhaps that’s the problem. According to city bylaw P-100, the board—six members appointed by regional council, one by the province—is supposed to […]

From the November 19, 2009 edition of The Coast Why is our police department one of the worst in Canada at finding killers? Stephen Kimber investigates. OK, boys… Pack it up… Back to what you were doing… We’re done here… Tom Martin had known it was coming. Call it his experience, or—perhaps, more to the […]