Reading at the Port Medway Reader's Festival

Stephen Kimber will be the featured speaker Saturday, July 31, at the 2010 Port Medway Reader’s Festival in Port Medway on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

painting 2009

Founded in 2002 by writers Cynthia Wine and Philip Slayton, the Festival is “an opportunity for readers to listen to and meet writers in an informal and friendly village setting. The Festival continues the tradition of the Tennysonian Reading Circle, started by the ladies of Port Medway in 1903.”

During its eight-year history, the event has featured, among its readers, Margaret Atwood, George Elliot Clarke, Marq de Villiers, Wayne Johnston, Robert MacNeil, Donna Morrissey, Lisa Moore, Calvin Trillin and Jane Urquhart.

Tickets are $15. Proceeds will be used to support the Port Medway Cemeteries Committee for work at the Old Port Medway Cemetery, a Municipal and Provincial Heritage Property.

Readings take place in the Old Meeting House on Long Cove Road in Port Medway from 7-8pm. Readings are followed by a reception and book signing—which the Globe and Mail once described as a “down-home party”—at the Port Medway Fire hall across the street.

For more information, check out the Festival’s website. Or email the organizers.

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