Peter MacKay has never smoked dope. Pity

 So Peter MacKay has never smoked dope.

Perhaps that’s his problem.  If, indeed, he’s telling the truth.


Last week, the justice minister got his knickers in a knot when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s matter-of-factly disclosed he had — like 39 per cent of Canadians — enjoyed the occasional puff from a joint, most recently at a dinner party (horror of horrors) after he’d been elected an MP.

Trudeau did not, infamously, suggest he didn’t inhale. Nor did he champion its use. Although “sometimes, I guess, I’ve gotten a buzz… it’s never really done anything for me,” he told the Huffington Post of the “five or six” times he’s tried it.

Trudeau once voted for harsher penalties for those caught smoking weed, but says his position has “evolved” and he now supports legalization.

That was too much for Pious Peter who huffed and (ahem) puffed Trudeau showed a “profound lack of judgment” and was a “poor example for all Canadians,” adding, hyper-hypocritically, “there’s an element of hypocrisy of having voted on the record to increase penalties around the same time he was lighting up.”

Uh… where to begin?

Hypocrisy? “I think most Canadians expect their Member of Parliament will obey the law,” MacKay told a Halifax news conference on Friday. I looked but could find no evidence MacKay ever admonished Tories who flouted gun registry rules when that was the law of the land.

And there is the question of MacKay’s trustworthiness on… well, any subject.

This is the man who, as defence minister, publicly insisted the multi-billion F-35 jet procurement program was proceeding according to plan when it was, in fact, spiraling so far out of control the government ultimately had to press re-set on the whole process.

The man who prevaricated, then fibbed when he first claimed — wrongly — his infamous $16,000 helicopter hitchhike was part of a planned military search-and-rescue demonstration, then that he needed to get to an important — non-existent — press conference in London.

The man who won the leadership of the federal Progressive Conservatives by promising he would never, ever merge the party with Stephen Harper’s right-wing Canadian Alliance. And then…

Never tried marijuana? If that’s true — and who can tell — I’d give it a try, Peter. You might see the world more clearly.

  1. What a great view of this situation by Mr Kimber. I love Justin Trudeau’s candidness on this and loath the lack of transparency that the Conservative Party has had since Harper and Peter MacKay have exibited since takinhg office. I can’t wait for the next election and I will be acively involved if I am not already.
    David Crane
    (One of the Bardsonbikes)


  2. Mr. Kimber,

    With the greatest respect, I must point out that your lead paragraph has a significant error:

    “…Justin Trudeau’s matter-of-factly disclosed he had — like 39 per cent of Canadians — enjoyed the occasional puff from a joint…”

    The thing that doesn’t wash about Trudeau’s story is that he also matter-of-factly said that HE DIDN’T ENJOY IT.

    Well if he didn’t enjoy it, why did he do it “five or six” times? Why, after 4 or 5 times of not enjoying pot, and then becoming an MP who at that moment is voting for harsher pot penalties, would he take a joint and smoke it? Why? I don’t get it.

    I don’t have a problem with the puff.

    I have a problem with the integrity of a legislator who votes one way in the House, while he flouts those laws in private.

    And I have a problem with his “honesty” that he’s being celebrated for. Or if he’s being perfectly honest, then I have a problem with the fact that he seems to do whatever anyone asks him to, with do discernible sense of judgement for himself. (Scary stuff when he’s asking to become Prime Minister.)


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