Suzanne Ley (CBC) This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner January 15, 2018. Reading news accounts of last week’s meeting of the legislature’s committee on economic development, you could be forgiven for assuming the much fooforahed Ivany Report — with its now-or-never, change-or-die, flashing yellow, sotto-voiced, urgent CALL-TO-ACTION on immigration — had already become […]

This column appeared originally in the Halifax Examiner December 11, 2017. Joan Baxter’s personal Northern Pulp story begins on “one of those stunningly clear, blue-sky mornings that nature sometimes bestows on Nova Scotia.” It was June 2, 2016, and Baxter had decided to start the day with a run near her home in Colchester County, NS. […]

  This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner October 16, 2017. “Professor Kimble’s comments seem to reinforce the recent CBC Marketplace show on fake credentials,” Gerry Anderson wrote on LinkedIn. He was among the unhappier readers responding to my recent column about the federal government’s modest tax reform proposals. “His comments show that he has not […]

This story originally appeared in the July-August 2017 issue of Atlantic Business Magazine.   This is the final boarding call for Flight… Not yet. Paging passenger Evan Price… Just a few more minutes. Please proceed to Gate… One more minute. Just one more… Your aircraft doors are closing… It was December 13, 2016. Evan Price had spent […]

(From the May-June 2017 issue of Atlantic Business Magazine) If you do a quick Google search of the following starkly precise sentence, “Eight men now own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world”—955 results will pop up on your computer screen in .63 Google seconds. That single incendiary sentence shows […]

Laura McCarthy tries to recall the “worst day.” It isn’t easy. “They were all extremely difficult, all very personal,” she tells me. She finally settles on the day her husband Lyle was formally charged with sexual assault in the fall of November 2011. “That,” she understates, “was a difficult day. I’d never wish any of […]

Sometimes, the worst times create the best moments. My nominee, among many, for last week’s best moment is a Calgary woman named Rita Khanchat. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with those worst times. One week ago today (Tuesday), Wildfire MWF-009 — now colloquially and correctly known as “The Beast” — flared out […]

You’re invited to the launch of the Spanish-language Cuban edition of  What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five   Lo que race a travis del mar: La verdadera history de los Cinco cubans Monday, February 15 at 10 a.m. Sala Nicolás Guillén, Morro Cabaña. The Cuban edition, which is published by Nuevo Milenio, features an introduction […]

One would like to believe newly installed Finance Minister Randy Delorey meant it. Last week he told union leaders representing teachers, health care workers, paramedics and assorted clusters of government employees he wanted to meet to discuss a “new approach” to collective bargaining. There are more than 300 collective agreements slated for re-negotiation this year, […]

Let’s begin with a worst-case-scenario hypothetical. A young woman attending last weekend’s Evolve Music Festival — Antigonish’s three-day “celebration of music, culture, and social awareness” — decides she wants to alter her mind with some mind-altering substance. She asks around, discovers a guy selling what she thinks she wants to buy. She buys. She takes. […]