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My most recent article — with John Kirk — for World Financial Review on the state of U.S-Cuba relations in the Age of Obama: “Ending the embargo remains the sine qua non for improving US–Cuba relations. While only Congress can eliminate it, Obama is doing his best to eviscerate its provisions. Before he left for […]

Ana Margarita Martinez Ana Margarita Martinez, the ex-wife of Cuban double agent Juan Pablo Roque, is attempting to file a lawsuit in Florida against American companies that provide travel service between Florida and Cuba. If she’s successful in freezing funds those companies currently pay to Cuba’s Havanatur, it could make it more difficult for Cuban […]

"Canadians and other foreigners travelling to Cuba now need to hold travel insurance approved by island authorities before they can enjoy their time in the sun. "Those without coverage will have to buy a local policy that can cost up to $3 a day. The new law took effect Saturday (May 1, 2010) and requires […]