Tag: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

How do you distinguish between anti-maskers intending to flout health restrictions in the name of their “freedom” to infect themselves and others and organizers of a COVID-safe car rally intended to protest violence against Palestinians? You don’t, say police. But should they? On the morning of Friday, May 14, 2021, Nova Scotia government lawyers — […]

Premier Stephen McNeil says Nova Scotia’s 75,000 public sector workers are welcome to bargain collectively — so long as they don’t expect to negotiate wages. The government has determined those. Working conditions? Sure. Negotiate away, but not as part of any collective bargaining process. And since they won’t be part of the contract, don’t expect the […]

One shouldn’t mess — litigiously speaking — with Parker Rudderham. The Cape Breton businessman who owns Frank Magazine  — a publication with its own storied courtroom history — sometimes seems as (in)famous for his legal battles as his business successes and philanthropic donations. On October 30, 2012, to cite but one recent example, his hometown […]