Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 23, 2007 Do I hear $1.25? The owner of the Seafreez fish plant in Canso is willing — even eager — to sell his local fish processing plant to the town for a dollar. But the town isn’t certain it can afford the price. Barry Group, the Newfoundland-based company that’s run […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 16, 2007 Pretty … impressive in pink As soon as the staff at the Cambridge Discount Centre understood the reason behind David Shepherd’s unusual request, “clothes were flying… [The clerks] were digging in to help us find pink shirts.” Shepherd, a Grade 12 student at Central King’s High School, and a […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 9, 2007 That clarifies the mud Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil has waded into the waters of the controversy over a proposal to develop a new aquaculture farm on Port Mouton Bay — sort of. Actually, he just tentatively dipped a toe into the roiling waters, declared himself… concerned… and […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 2, 2007 And they didn’t use a shredder either Disgusted residents of MacBeath Road near Scotsburn were sifting through the rubble from an illegal dumpsite last week when they hit the motherlode. Amid the chunks of sheet rock, broken glass, food waste and toxic construction materials that had been dumped by […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia August 26, 2007 Forest for the trees Thanks to a new by-the-books building inspector, two small saw mills in Falmouth, Hants County, have had to turn away two or three contracts a week this summer and lay off six workers. Richard Neily says he and his wife have already “lost this milling […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia August 19, 2007 Wither Westville It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Not only did Westville’s acting chief administrative officer suggest the town dissolve itself and join Pictou County but he also took a shot at town councillors in the bargain. “Unfortunately, the current town council seems to be more intent […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia August 12, 2007 Sowing the seeds King’s County Council voted 9–2 Tuesday to reject controversial land use amendments so a local developer could transform 47 acres of prime farmland into 200 new residential housing units. While that puts an end to Fury Farms’ plan to develop property adjacent to the Berwick Heights […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia August 5, 2007 And you think telemarketers are annoying A Bridgewater man, who claims he’s gotten hundreds of unwanted confidential medical reports and referrals on his home fax machine over the past five years, took his concerns public last week. The man, who asked not to be identified, told the Bridgewater Bulletin […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia July 29, 2007On your mark, get set, munch The Hants Journal is reporting this week that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency lab failed to properly identify a sample collected near Halifax in 1990 as the dangerous-to-our-forest-industry brown longhorn spruce beetle. That gave the critter an eight-year head-start on its ongoing devastating munching […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia July 22, 2007 Quarry queries open ‘black hole’ Nobody, it seems, is happy with progress on a proposal to develop a quarry near North Mountain in the Annapolis Valley. Granville Centre residents wrote a letter to Bruce Spicer, whose Bridgetown construction company is behind the project. While he did reply to their […]