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When I arrived back in Halifax on September 14, 2014 from giving talks in Washington about the case of the Cuban Five, there was an envelope waiting for me. It was from the “U.S. Department of State” and there was a sticker on the manila envelope that warned: “To be opened by addressee ONLY.” The […]

David M. Hardy Section Chief Record Information Dissemination Section Records Management Division FBI Washington, DC Dear David M. Hardy, Imagine my excitement when I received your recent letter in which you informed me that those FBI files you had previously said didn’t exist actually did. Four hundred and nine pages, to be exact, of which […]

An open letter to the FBI about a certain meeting that took place in Havana in June 1998 and why they now claim to have no records of it… Dear David M. Hardy, Thanks for your letter of January 25, 2011, in which you inform me that “a new search of the indices of our […]