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Dear President Obama, This is my first ever letter to an American president. That’s not just because I’m not an American citizen. I’m also a journalist, and journalists are not in the habit of writing letters to heads of governments. But having spent the past three years researching the case of the Cuban Five, I […]

The Miami Herald has published the text of a letter from the U.S. Departments of State and Justice to Rep. Lincoln Díaz-Balart (R-Fla.) regarding rumours the Cuban government might be willing to exchange an American contractor it is holding in exchange for members of the Cuban Five. The letter: Dear Congressman Díaz-Balart: Thank you for […]

My goal in writing “Sting of the Wasp: The Cuban Five Connection” is to stick to the facts, reconstructing key events of the case in order to produce an in-the-moment narrative that will help readers understand the true story of what really happened even as it entertains them. But whose facts? Whose truth? Those are […]

An El Paso, Texas, judge has postponed until June 2, 2010, a  scheduling conference with prosecution and defence lawyers to—finally—set a date for Luis Posada Carriles’ trial on perjury charges. The prosecution claimed a "serious scheduling conflict" with the May 20th date. But as the Miami New Times noted: "Critics say the government is only […]