For more than a year, I’ve been using American Freedom of Information legislation to try to obtain copies of “all reports, correspondence, memos, notes, emails and other records concerning a meeting between a delegation from the FBI and Cuban State Security in Havana in June 1998. My understanding is that the meeting itself took place […]

An open letter to the FBI about a certain meeting that took place in Havana in June 1998 and why they now claim to have no records of it… Dear David M. Hardy, Thanks for your letter of January 25, 2011, in which you inform me that “a new search of the indices of our […]

Stephen Kimber talks about the story behind the story of his new book Sting of the Wasp in this interview on CKDU-FM’s Book Club with journalist Stephen Patrick Clare.

Today’s edition of CBC Radio’s flagship current affairs show, The Current, focused on the recent arrest of Francisco Chavez Abarca in Venezuela. Chavez Abarca, who is wanted in connection with a deadly 1997 terrorist bombing campaign aimed at targeted Cuba’s fledgling tourist industry, has been extradited to Cuba where he is being questioned about his […]

My goal in writing “Sting of the Wasp: The Cuban Five Connection” is to stick to the facts, reconstructing key events of the case in order to produce an in-the-moment narrative that will help readers understand the true story of what really happened even as it entertains them. But whose facts? Whose truth? Those are […]

Andrés Gómez—a shambling, friendly, 63-year-old bear of a man—is the director of Areito Digital, an online magazine of “progressive Cuban immigrants,” the leader of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, a Miami-based pro-Cuba activist organization, and one of the best known moderate voices in Miami’s el exilio. I met with him while I was in Miami recently […]

We are sitting in the cramped, cluttered offices of Radio Miami, which look more like a 1960s commune than a modern radio station. Radio Miami—“radio para la difusión de ideas”—is located in a nondescript strip mall well beyond the stifling political and cultural confines of Little Havana. That, I have been told, is more a […]

I was in Montreal recently to interview Livio Di Celmo, the brother of Fabio, a 32-year-old Italian-Canadian who was killed in a September 4, 1997 bombing that was part of a larger terrorist campaign anti-Castro militants were then waging against Cuban tourism. The alleged mastermind of that campaign—as well as the 1976 bombing of a […]