Kimber’s Nova Scotia October 21, 2007 We knew it was bad, but… A few weeks back, we told you just how awful this summer’s tourism season had been in Yarmouth: visitor numbers down by an incredible 33 per cent. One motel operator even confided to a reporter from the Yarmouth Vanguard that local businesses had […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia October 14, 2007 Get off of their Cloud 9 Peter and Anne Winkles thought they were making a simple business decision. The owners of Yarmouth’s Cloud Nine Shuttle — which operates a 364-day-a-year Halifax-Yarmouth shuttle service using three family-style, seven-passenger vans — decided they could save on monthly maintenance costs that run […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia October 7, 2007 Out of gas Despite pleas from local residents, a pitch from internationally famed photographer Sherman Hines and even a brief stay of demolition by the Queens Municipal Council, Liverpool’s architecturally rare and historically interesting Petro Canada gas station is no more. Demolition crews spent the week leveling the station, […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 30, 2007 Fish story The president of the Northumberland Fisherman’s Association, says it could be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” Or perhaps the loon that cracks the lobster’s claw. Ronnie Heighton told the Truro Daily News last week that the skyrocketing value of the Canadian loonie coupled with plummeting […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 23, 2007 Do I hear $1.25? The owner of the Seafreez fish plant in Canso is willing — even eager — to sell his local fish processing plant to the town for a dollar. But the town isn’t certain it can afford the price. Barry Group, the Newfoundland-based company that’s run […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 16, 2007 Pretty … impressive in pink As soon as the staff at the Cambridge Discount Centre understood the reason behind David Shepherd’s unusual request, “clothes were flying… [The clerks] were digging in to help us find pink shirts.” Shepherd, a Grade 12 student at Central King’s High School, and a […]

The Mulroney questions that won’t go away So Brian Mulroney believes Pierre Trudeau’s youthful opposition to fighting the Nazis in World War II “doesn’t qualify him for any position of moral leadership in our society.” Then how does Mulroney imagine his ongoing, continuing never-ending refusal to answer simple, reasonable questions about the envelopes stuffed with […]

Kimber’s Nova Scotia September 9, 2007 That clarifies the mud Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil has waded into the waters of the controversy over a proposal to develop a new aquaculture farm on Port Mouton Bay — sort of. Actually, he just tentatively dipped a toe into the roiling waters, declared himself… concerned… and […]

The prophet in Clayton Park Bill Deagle MD, ABFP, CCFP, AAPM, CIME, AAAAM, ACOEM, AAEM claims to know things they don’t want you to know about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine school shootings, to name but a few world-shaking events. So what’s he doing in Halifax? by Stephen Kimber On the morning of […]

The endemic epidemic of secrecy During an opening-day address to law students at the University of Ottawa Tuesday, Maher Arar posed an interesting question to a standing-room-only hall full of future lawyers: “Who will you include and who will you exclude?” At one level, Arar — whose deportation, detention and torture in the soiled name […]