Harry Steele may have earned his business reputation by eating his unions’ solidarity for snacks and calling spades by their proper names, but there are other sides to this iconic Newfoundland entrepreneur, and they too have played a role in his success. (Photo by Marvin Moore) Harry Steele is happy to chat, he tells me […]

Imagine you could turn back the clock to before 9/11, I suggest to American audiences when I read from my most recent book, What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five. What if the United States had had its own intelligence agents inside Al Qaeda? What if those agents had uncovered the […]

Winner of the 2014 Atlantic Journalism Award for Commentary — Any Medium. For as long as I can remember, Canadian politics has been a pleasantly diverting if meaningless game of rascal tossing. We pick one set of rascals to govern us and toss the last set out. After a while, those no-longer new rascals run […]

“SOMEONE TO SEE YOU.” Mike Hachey didn’t have time. Not today. He was in the process of sorting through paperwork dregs from last week’s Atlantic Lottery commercial shoot, planning a Canada Games event wrap-up, juggling planned/hoped-for/maybe pitches for future projects and overseeing – from the afar of Halifax – renovations at his company’s Moncton office. […]

As the poor keep getting poorer, global uprisings get closer and closer. You have been warned.   I’m a university professor. I make better than your average income. Although ours is not a union shop, our salaries reflect the successes of traditionally strong faculty unions at bigger institutions around us. I’ve also been teaching for […]

Gerry Pond’s career has been marked by a series of serendipitous moments, but there’s much more than chance to the incredible success of the Atlantic angel behind a billion dollars worth of recent technology deals. “Will you be my best man?” Gerry Pond’s friend asked. It was the spring of 1966. Pond was 21. He’d […]

Danny Williams built a successful law practice, created a cable television empire, remade a province, launched a successful professional hockey franchise and now he wants to found his own new town on the edge of his St. John’s hometown. Along the way, Danny Williams has learned a few lessons. About business. About politics. About himself. He […]

Pop quiz: Who is José Mujica and why should you care? If the answer doesn’t trip off your tongue, I sympathize. Until recently, I had no idea. I discovered him, in fact, serendipitously and circuitously. My most recent book, What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five, unravels the tale of a […]

From Atlantic Business Magazine Posted on August 19, 2013 This story, which originally appeared in the July-August issue of Atlantic Business Magazine, is a finalist in the 2013 Atlantic Journalism Awards. The awards will be presented May 10, 2014 in Halifax. Canada hadn’t been part of Jeremy Wellard’s master plan. Nova Scotia wasn’t on his map. […]

“And so capitalism is about to seize defeat from the jaws of victory, all by its own hand. That’s the astonishing end of this story, unless we reverse course.” –David Simon, Festival of Dangerous Ideas Sydney, Australia, November 2013 David Simon is not a politician. He’s not a philosopher. And he’s certainly not a prophet. […]