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An excerpt from What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five, to be published in August 2013 by Fernwood Publishing. Editor’s Note: One of the things we tend to forget about clandestine intelligence agents is that their world really is clandestine. They can’t even tell their families or closest friends what […]

Now that the government has legislatively punted the possibility of a paramedics strike into the hands of a pick-one arbitrator — who will have to choose between dueling union and management last-best offers for wages and working conditions over the next three to five years — it’s time to ask ourselves a question. What’s wrong […]

The careening train wreck Trevor Zinck’s political career and personal life had become has finally flown off the tracks, plunged over the cliff and disappeared into an abyss. Zinck, who’d promised a vigorous defence of the criminal charges in the MLA expense scandal, turtled instead. On the the fifth day of his trial — after […]

For the lawyers, of course, it is about protecting the client, lessening liability, mitigating damages. In that context, perhaps, it makes lawyer sense to niggle over nouns, to parse phrases like “as if we were slaves” for literality, to offer up a bookkeeper’s balance sheet to contradict allegations of underfunding, to use all the lawyers’ […]

The good news — for all concerned — is that Mike Savage is not Brad Pitt. The better news is that he isn’t Bruce Banman either. Banman is the beleaguered mayor of Abbotsford, the currently virally — not to forget bacterially — in-the-news B.C. community where city officials recently scattered chicken manure around a homeless encampment […]

A 14-year-old Preston boy — a child by any definition — has been charged with possessing, making and distributing child pornography, crimes punishable by up to 10 years in prison.A child charged with child pornography?

Dear Stephen Harper, Congratulations! I never imagined in my wildest imaginings even you could be quite this Machiavellian. Appointing Mike Duffy, the long-time pretend senator from CTV, an actual Senator from Prince Edward Island? Genius. Pamela Wallin, the queen of political TV, Senator for Air Canada? You had to know. You did, didn’t you? Some may suggest […]

The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five has scheduled a week of activities in Washington from May 30 – June 5 to continue the campaign to win release of five Cuban intelligence agents still in jail in the United States for “conspiracy to commit” espionage back in the 1990s. Full disclosure: I’ll […]

At around 3:15 a.m. on the morning of April 27, 2012, someone firebombed a Coral Gables, Florida, travel agency that was in the business of organizing legal tourist travel to Cuba. It was an act of domestic terrorism. But it didn’t get the public — or FBI —attention the recent Boston attacks did, in part […]

Panel discussion followed by Q&A with acclaimed journalists Keith Bolender & Stephen Kimber 7pm, Thursday, February 7 Room 302, Dalhousie Student Union Building 6136 University Avenue Since the early 1960s, few other countries have endured more acts of terrorism against civilian targets than Cuba. The US has had its hands in much of these terror […]