FBI meets Cuban State Security

 June 15-17, 1998

On June 15, 1998, a remarkable secret meeting occurred in Havana between representatives of Cuban State Security and a visiting delegation of American FBI agents.

Over the course of three unprecedented days, the Cubans handed over to the FBI a mountain of documents, photographs, audio recordings, videos and physical evidence its intelligence agents had gathered. The Cubans claimed the material proved that key players in the Miami-based Cuban American National Foundation—the largest anti-Castro exile group in the U.S., with direct links to every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan—had not only provided the money and muscle for a wave of bombings at Cuban hotels and resorts but that they were also now in the process of ratcheting up both the stakes and the consequences in their campaign against Cuba.

The evidence it had gathered, the Cubans told the FBI agents, showed that elements in the exile group had hatched a deadly plan to blow up airplanes filled with Cuba-bound tourists from Europe or Canada.

The agents thanked the Cubans, took their material and promised to get back to them as soon as they’d had a chance to analyze all the evidence.

They never did.