René González Sehwerert told me he “wasn’t surprised at all” when the United States government reached a swift deal this summer to swap 10 freshly captured Russian spies for four Russians who’d been convicted of passing their country’s state secrets to the U.S. Pass Go. Get out of Jail Free. Go home. Sing patriotic songs […]

Gerardo31 “[Gerardo] Hernández’s sister Isabel first learned that he had been put in the ‘hole’ … when she went for a visit at the U.S. maximum security prison in Victorville, California, July 24. She was only allowed to talk to him by phone, separated by a thick glass partition, while he was kept handcuffed… “Hernández […]

Ramón Labañino, one of three members of the Cuban Five whose prison sentences were reduced last fall, has been moved from a maximum security prison in Kentucky to a medium security institution in Jesup, Georgia. Ramón Labañino Labañino, 46, had been serving a sentence of “life plus 18 years” following his 2001 conviction for espionage […]

Gerardo Hernandez In a last-ditch, no-more-cards-to-play legal effort, lawyers for convicted Cuban Five spy Gerardo Hernandez this week (June 14, 2010) filed what is called a collateral appeal—or writ of habeus corpus—in Miami Federal Court claiming it has new evidence the court should have aware of before letting a jury decide the fate of the […]

Five American journalists who wrote inflammatory articles about the Cuban Five during their detention and trials received more than $70,000 in secret payments from the U.S. government between November 1999 to December 31, 2001. Details of the payments, which were uncovered as the result of a freedom of information request, were revealed during a Washington […]

Members of the "Cuban Five" The U.S. National Committee to Free The Cuban Five has called a press conference for June 2, 2010 in Washington to reveal what it says is “new evidence that the U.S. Government has covertly paid tens of thousands of dollars to Miami journalists working for major media outlets” to publish […]

Gerardo Hernandez Lawyers for Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cubans serving time in American prisons in connection with the Cuban Five affair, will return to court in June 2010—nine years after his original conviction—to present a writ of habeas corpus, asking the judge in the case to reconsider his sentence. Three other members of the […]

Antonio Guerrero "Free the Cuban Five" reports that Antonio Guerrero, who was serving a life+10-year sentence in connection with the Cuban Five spy case, has been moved from his maximum security institution in Florence, CO, to a medium security jail in the same Colorado city. In October, a court in Miami reduced his sentence to […]