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Selected website links for Loyalists and Layabouts


There is a new Loyalist Research Network for those interested in the subject:


An extensive collection of genealogy resources on Loyalists


The "Loyalist Loyalist Link: The Forest and The Sea" offers a virtual, visual tour of images from Shelburne’s history

Benjamin Marston

One of the key figures in Loyalists and Layabouts, Marston left a marvelously detailed and often acerbic diary of his life before, during and after the founding of Shelburne.

Here is a link to one of a number of scholarly essays on Martson and his contribution to our knowledge of loyalist history.

Marston was related to the Winslow clan, one of the most important of the New England Loyalist families to emigrate to Nova Scotia after the revolution.

Black Loyalists

The story of the Black Loyalists is well told in this Canadian Digital Collection

Information on James Walker, the pre-eminent historian on Black Loyalists

Gideon White

This brief biography is from blupete, an amateur historian’s very good collection of Nova Scotia history.