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This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner June 4, 2018. HOUSTON: The motion is that the Public Accounts Committee meet on June 13th, June 20th, and June 27thto address these three topics of the Auditor General’s report in a timely fashion.  CHAIRMAN: Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye… Contrary minded, Nay…  The […]

  This column was first published in the Halifax Examiner May 28, 2018. Last week, Halifax City Council again/still/always decided to re-re-re-write its planning bylaws on the fly for the greater good and increased profit of a private developer whose books it didn’t bother examining, let alone asking to glimpse once, maybe upside down on […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner May 22, 2018. Mount Saint Vincent University grappled this month with a complex web of issues that will feel uncomfortably familiar to academics at plenty of other Canadian universities: how to (belatedly but quickly) increase the numbers of professors from traditionally under-represented Indigenous and other marginalized communities; how […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner May 14, 2018. Why am I not surprised? Last Monday, Halifax police dropped all charges against the 19-year-old they’d arrested less than a month before for “unauthorized use of a computer with fraudulent intent.” The fact is this case has been a cock-up from the beginning. Even before the beginning. Perhaps […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner May 7, 2018. You can draw a neat, straight line. Start with the October 5, 1971, front page of the Halifax Chronicle Herald, with its photo of a beaming Premier Gerald Regan holding a tiny vial of oil supposedly sucked to the surface during offshore drilling off Nova Scotia. […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner April 30, 2018.   Really? Of course, really. Last Wednesday, five Liberal MLAs —Gordon Wilson, Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, Ben Jessome, Brendan Maguire and Hugh MacKay — voted, not with their minds, or their hearts, or their common sense, or even in the interests of the taxpayers who put […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examine on April 23, 2018. “We need to go forward, but progress isn’t always a straight line or a smooth path.” Barack Obama victory speech, November 7, 2012 How to explain our current political whipsaw? You go to sleep one night knowing 6,000 delegates to this weekend’s federal […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner April 16, 2018. Halifax’s United Way has done it again. Traditionally, the do-good organization has been best known for turning your $5.4 million in yearly giving into a gamut of good grants to an alphabet soup of good-doing local organizations — from the Adsum Association for Women & […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner April 9, 2018 “In the Matter of Complaints Against Judge Gregory Lenehan, made pursuant to the Provincial Court Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 238 …” If nothing else, last week’s decision by the review committee looking into allegations of “misogynistic reasoning,” and “gender bias” by Nova Scotia Provincial […]

This column originally appeared in the Halifax Examiner on April 2, 2018. When Peter Munk died last week at the age of 90, the paeans of praise from the national media were so effusive as to seem over the top. The Globe and Mail’s3,300-word tributeappeared under the gushing headline: “The Extraordinary Life of a Business Legend, Philanthropist […]